Chat Bots

Chat bots are now a day in trend for almost every industry. Different use case being handled using AI algorithms and predictive and behavioral analysis. This makes chat bots smarter in competition to human mind.

What we do in chat bots:

  • We understand your business problems and suggest if there is a need of chat bot or not.
  • One need identified we suggest in which all areas it can be implement.
  • We create all the use cases and business scenarios based on your business process.
  • We then develop all use cases and test it with All the internal operational teams first.
  • Test pass and then we make it live for end user customers.

How can chat bot reply to my all queries:

Use of AI makes it very intelligent. With predictive analysis chat bot can predict what customer looking for as soon as they start interacting with chat bot. Then based on customer response they create a pattern and save in system to assist the customer next time. This is wow experience that they create for customers.