Digital Transformation

Transforming Customer experience

Customer Understanding

Understand business specific area and market to observer customer behavior and suggest necessary improvement. This will be done via analyzing past business data, team experience, customer feedback and market trend analysis.

Top-Line Growth

Improvise sales by use of right technology at right place. Methods to increase sales conversation by lavishing them digital capabilities. Example: remove manual paper based display/promotion /feedback/offers to digital apps based system.

Customer Touch points

Idea is to understand all key points where customer interaction and response time can be increased with the use of Technology. Eg. Social accounts to response customer query’s, chat bots at site to immediate respond to customers.

Transforming Operational Process

Process Digitization

Understand all business internal and external process to figure out the week points and fill them with ease of digital solutions. Overall idea here is to improve productivity and quality with reducing time and workforce.

Worker Enablement

Allowing access to business and work anywhere, anytime to reduce the dependencies for in –house /on premise availability. e.g work from home

Performance Management

Idea is to enable business owner with more realistic insights to take decisions which are less based on assumption and more on basis of facts and figures.

Transforming Business Models

Digitally Modified Business

Growth and market sustainability is the need here – Transform old legacy business with all new digital enablers at every process and department of business. Everything lies here starting from analysis to decision making to build and deliver

New Digital Business

Compliment your traditional business/product with new –gen digital solutions. E.g. a sports apparel manufacturer started selling GPS and other digital devices that can track and report on a customer’s workout

Digital Globalization

Increase your business reach in global market with just in no time is digital globalization. Information and data is in each of anyone anywhere. E.g. e-mails, Skype calls, e-commerce transactions, social media posts, and Internet searches

List of Digital Transformation Service Offerings:

  • Customer Experience Management
  • We help clients create and enhance customer lifetime value, higher share of wallet, and bring about a continued set of positive experiences
  • Multi-channel commerce
  • We create next-gen commerce systems for better multi-channel customer experiences through personalization, advanced selling, and engagement techniques
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • We translate client strategies into operational processes and IT systems that optimize business performance to deliver sales process excellence
  • Digital Marketing
  • We help clients improve their marketing operations performance by developing systems and processes that result in better customer acquisition and conversion
  • Agile Enterprise
  • We help clients change their culture, development capabilities, and planning approaches to improve performance and become more nimble (not just Agile SDLC)
  • New Business Models
  • We help clients develop, test, and scale new capabilities to deliver new revenue streams to defend themselves against disruptions