Transforming Customer experience

Transforming Customer Experience

The immense digitization has brought a change in customer expectation. With mobile apps, automated systems and other digital devices & medium, the customer want everything the moment they need it. The industries have to satisfy these modern buyers, the digital buyers, with the related digital service for better business growth and customer experience. Due to the immense competition this transformation is put under priority, this build the business to reach the customer prior to other at radically lower cost for better business establishment and success. Thus we, Kliento give the perfect transformation consulting solution for reaching the digitally enabled customer.

Digital customer transformation service comprises the customer services through the digital interface that make the product/service easy to support and sell. Example of digital customer service includes online product research, mobile app to find store location, automated front-end interaction, app for e-commerce, digital marketing and other digital customer experience.

Why digital customer satisfaction?

With introduction of digital life in customer, there comes a need of providing good digital customer experience with various digital transforming solutions.

Future Business Growth

The organization growth and future prospect is determined by the end user customer experience.

Gaining Customer Base

The customer experience is important for customer-retenson, loyalty, acquisition and so on.

Digital Customer transformation service brings:

Customer Satisfaction

It brings satisfied and engaged customers that altogether increase the net profit ratio of the business.


Interactive interface

It brings digitized business interface that give interactive scenario to the user, bringing prospective users.



Digital transformation bring agile ways of business development and operation process.


Transformation framework

Customer Understanding

Understand business specific area and market to observer customer behavior and suggest necessary improvement. This will be done via analyzing past business data, team experience, customer feedback and market trend analysis.

Top-Line Growth

Improvise sales by use of right technology at right place. Methods to increase sales conversation by lavishing them digital capabilities. Example: remove manual paper based display/promotion /feedback/offers to digital apps based system.

Customer Touch points

Idea is to understand all key points where customer interaction and response time can be increased with the use of Technology. Eg. Social accounts to response customer query’s, chat bots at site to immediate respond to customers.

Our Offering

Kliento understand the requirement of mobile app in every business need, we have customized business requirement into successful solutions. Our team is well trained with the technological advancement and work at 10X speed to satisfy your custom requirement.

Mobility Solution

Business need to be mobile friendly and secure as more and more customers are focused on mobile shopping and mobile banking.

Enterprise Solution

Efficient UI/UX with impressive website development is accomplished for customer retention, along with it we are also efficient in other customized enterprise solutions.


Bar code readable apps and smart devices/wearables are the need of millennial. They want smartness and intelligence in everything, we make you efficient to be as par there need.

Digital Marketing

The digital customer search for the best service/product in the wide internet.To be reachable in their search businesses need to be at top, which is possible via digital marketing.

Benefits of Transforming Customer Experience

  • Protecting customers to incline towards the competitors
  • Building better customer base by enhance capability
  • Customer expectation has increased a lot
  • Evolution in customer require evolution in digital experience

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