Kliento technologies continuously work for providing the best methodology and practices to counterpart the rapidly growing market trends and challenges. Our approach is designed to best suit your requirement and nature of project. We bring the perfection and follow the best methodology to fulfil your requirement with our vast knowledge base and experience in different domains. Our work approach vary from Waterfall, Agile and Prototype model based on project complexity and execution time.

Our Project Management

We follow various project management strategy to accomplish the goal. Our strategy involve client engagement and involve them constructively at the execution phase. We follow the best coding and quality management standards and have the efficient project managers who supervise and deliver the project on-time and with precision.

Solution Approach

Kliento follow the solution approach to gain the project solution on time and on budget. The various solution approach we bring in our project are:

Waterfall Model

Waterfall model is a systematic approach to reach the project goal. It is best suited for the project with clear scope and understanding. We generally follow waterfall model for small scale project with set project requirements.
We have delivered various small scale projects using the waterfall methodology. Some of our projects include:

  • Small scale portals
  • CMS migration
  • Responsive websites
  • Mobile Apps with simple functionality

Agile Development

Agile development methodology, best suits the project that undergo frequent requirement changes and it make use of the iterative development model. It help product to undergo frequent technological changes and evolving business requirement. In addition Agile development bring more room for the customer feedback and changes request and bring the product that best suits the client end result. The Agile process we use is designed and reproduced by using AUP and SCRUM approaches.

Delivery Approach

We follow the effective delivery approach to deliver the perfect solution that satisfy its goal and requirement.

Prototyping Model

We follow the prototyping model for giving the effective project delivery. It is seen that at the end project has more failure rate or last client expectation, so to nullify it we bring the prototyping delivery approach. It suits the product that have vague requirements, before the actual product building, a prototype is build. The prototype is delivered to client, approved by the client and further on the development is done.


  • Client can bring the changes and give feedback based on the prototype.
  • Testing can be done on early stage and thus reducing project cost
  • The project risk can be detected early and hence removing future glitches
  • Interface management & operation.
  • A prototype give project clarity and its functionality

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