UX/UI Design Services

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) services perfectly deliver a thoughtful end user experience. It is the core need of every platform be it web or mobile. Henceforth, we, Kliento give a perfect user-centric design approach to every product be it web/mobile apps or websites . We are the proficient UI/UX design company in India, USA and other demographic regions, we mould your requirement into structured process; blueprints, wireframes, prototypes and finally into mockups, giving life into designs.

Kliento deliver top-notch approach strategies for delivering the perfect design solutions with the focus to improve product/service usability with delicate and elegant module. We design perfection that enhance user interaction, bringing the brand loyalty and give efficient user flow. A perfect user flow make the website/app more user friendly, more interactive, that builds scope for the brand publicity and business revenue.


The backbone of our design service is our approach, that bring the perfect outcome. we abide to the ‘Concept Design Process’ which take the process of iteration into product designing and successful release.

Market Research and Knowledge Buildup

The detailed research and analysis of the user need is the essence of efficient user-centric design. It comprises analyzing users needs and implying it in the business goals. We, Kliento starts by defining the business objectives and goals which marks the path for complete product design, information architecture (IA), content and further strategy.

  • Design Persona
  • Project workflow

Information Architecture/Wireframe Buildup

Define the visual structure and present the information on an information architecture. We ensure that the analyzed information is represented in a right manner, in a wireframe, the best visualizing structure helping in learning the user flow in a better structure. Wireframe allow early testing and hence saving time and resource.

  • Scooping flow
  • Wireframe

Prototype build and Usability Testing

The final tested wireframe is converted into the product prototype model, offering a more detailed look of the requirement. It is the first user interaction that is converted into final designed module after client approval. The model is as close to the required product comprises events, clicks, animations. We ensure that prototype is as per the requirement and is set flexible for any changes.

  • Layout Prototyping
  • User Testing

UI/UX Design Persona

Our expertise build the interface of the product based on the successful prototype build. It is the complete user interface and user experience designing that is the single interface of the required product objective. A perfect designing bring the great customer experience and user flow that altogether make them to stay in your site and increase your business flow.

  • Unique & recognizable design
  • Final design

Front-end design development

Front-end is the foremost thing that is seen by any customer, and a effective and persuasive front end of your product will bring brand loyalty. Give this intense burden off your shoulder and complete the task under one roof, we make sure your application looks exactly as looks and feels exactly as designed and is responsive.

  • JavaScript

Our Services

Mobile Application Design

We are the user-centric design firm that follow a agile methodology that allow testing and client interaction at every stage. Our designers give great look and feel of your application, helping in great user flow and building brand loyalty.

Website Designing

The world is moving to web apps that need to be responsive for every mobile platform with great user experience. We bring interactivity to your website application with the best visual design, prototypes and animations ensuring the perfect utility of your web application.

Creative Services

Our designers give interactive and creative UI design solutions satisfying your product need. The visually stunning functional and user friendly design is created giving great visual resonating with your target audience.

Tools/Technology Used

  • Azure
  • Omnigraffle
  • Justinmind
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • InVision

Benefits of UI/UX Design Services

  • The great designing brings the customer back and convert them into client.
  • A good UI/UX design give great user flow to the product enriching the user experience
  • It improve usability, accessibility and pleasure to the customers
  • Designing give visual insight to your business bringing more possibility towards business growth

Why Us?

  • Our design bring end-to-end user experience and interface design services
  • We not only design the UI/UX but also accomplish the front-end development, ensuring the product objective into interactive solution
  • Kliento follow the quality-centric process with flexible client engagement model.
  • Our designers are efficient in designing mobile app, Web app and other creative design solutions.

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