We build brand by impressive creative designs

The budding competition has called for getting an impressive and creative way to stand out of the crowd. You must be thinking that how your competitors are getting the customer eye and you are lacking on what field. To get the bulls eye, you must be creative and consistent enough for making your customers come again and again and convert into the prospect client. We are the team of creative graphic designing company that supplement your idea with the impressive creative service. We have mastered the art and build a global clientele that trust our offerings; we provide best at least cost that too in shorter time frame.

Our Offering

Logo Design & Branding

Brand your business with an impressive logo that showcase your service or product at its best. Logo are the foremost thing in branding your business, it should be stunning enough that the customer retain your business as soon they see the logo. We, Kliento as the creative service provider with expertise knowledge will consult you for the logotypes, and will build the best course suiting your business demand fro offline and online presence regarding logo and design.

Logo design
Animated Logo design
3D creative design

Infographic Design

Nowadays people are so much into visual understanding that they don’t go for textual understanding. Infographic are the perfect solution for that; we present the service with visual impact of data, maps, signs and other formats in one form that is precise and clear for understanding. An infographic is required as it is human tendency to grab visual faster than textual. So get the perfect, well organized, good flow, organized, simple and bold infographic at shoe string rate.

Design Persona

Flyer design
Brochure design
Banner design
Hoarding design

Promotional activities of a brand promote the business to far off place, with various formats in offline and online mode. We provide the print design for the promotional adds and campaign for business flow. The immense digital transformation has widely added more scope in this advertisement service that would convert views into followers and prominent customers. The other print service we provide are book layout design, letter head design, vehicle wraps and other.

Brand Labeling

Product Label
Book Label
Business Card Label
Advertising Label

A great label promote the business to a great extend. We design the product label in a creative way that it communicate and balance the product information effectively between the product buyers and is regulated by product labeling laws. Logo represent the company and label represent each product, so it should be considered that label doesn’t effect the company brand and when designing logo’s, print media every branding scope should be considered and equally seen.


  • Creative designs are visually impressive designs that build brand more effectively.
  • Customers are more attracted to designed information than textual information.
  • An effective creative design make your brand stand out in the crowd.
  • A design present the effective CTA (Call To Action) to a mass viewers.

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