Business Analytics

A Business analytic approach provides 360-degree insight of your data for digital business future. With an explanatory business analytics solution, the path for the digital transformation of the enterprise is eased, bringing the power of digital at maximum in enterprise growth. Our expert business analytics consultants bring the creative analysis into useful business development solutions.

Business Analytics brings competitive advantage to the enterprise. As data should never be seen as the afterthought, so complete data visualization will bring better revenue and improved operational efficiency of the company. It brings smart decision making in company culture.

Business Analytics is a wide term that comprise

Business Intelligence

Enterprise Data Management

Big Data Visualization

Our Services

Big Data Analytics

The growing data has required the big data analytics model in the enterprise for fast and accurate data analytics.

Business Intelligence Services

Deploy BI on the company scale with perfect strategies and technologies bringing intelligent solution to your work.

Business Dashboard

Get the current performance of your business with concise management of complex data sets.


Kliento is helping enterprises to bring analytic approach into their working methodology. We will help in analyzing the relevant data with the various BA technologies and methodologies, to gain rightful approach for your business growth.


We provide efficient consulting service by defining the complete roadmap for achieving desired goal.

  • Big data consulting
  • Hadoop consulting
  • BI consulting


Our expertise implement the required BA method through a systematic approach that meet the client need.

  • BI Solutions
  • Data visualization services
  • Data Blending & Cleaning


We help in migration of the legacy BA technology into better platform, for enhanced operational efficiency.

  • Data Migration
  • BI Migration
  • Cross-platform Migration
  • Version Upgrades

Reporting & Analytic

We provide efficient business reporting and analytic for better competitive assessment.

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • OLAP

Support & Maintenance

We assist clients for best possible support and maintenance service to ensure the efficacy of acquired technology

  • Troubleshooting
  • Software maintenance
  • License upgrades

Business Analytics Benefits

  • Priority: Analytics is a priority in a business growth
  • Efficiency: It brings operational efficiency in the enterprise
  • Insight visualization: BA technologies bring creative data visualization
  • Better planning: Analytical planning brings quality & relevance in the business
  • Cost efficient: Better analysis will reduce overall cost and increase revenue
  • Brings agility: A good analytical approach to enterprise work will make company agile

Why US

  • Kliento is the efficient digital transformation company bringing big data visualization in analytics
  • We bring faster, the greater insight of a business with worth-full data visualization
  • Our consultants are versed with 3D Architectural Rendering Services
  • We are efficient in various Business Analytics services

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