Enterprise Business Solution

Enterprise IT Solutions are the necessity in the growing world of competence and superiority. The enterprises demand accurate, concise and advanced business solution for the growth and development of their business. These IT enterprise solutions are simple to use and flexible to suit your changing transformation services. Deploy these solutions on cloud / virtual / on premise – with the ability to access them across multiple range of devices and platforms. These business transformation solutions can be offered either as end-to-end or focused on a particular need.

Kliento Technologies is the experienced enterprise company that is building EBS IT solution, which is used for satisfying the needs of an organization rather than the individual users. These business solutions are leveraging the business flow and making it smart and efficient. Some of the enterprise management software that are typically business oriented includes e-commerce, dynamic product catalogue, business process management, IT service management, CRM, ERP, enterprise application integration and other.

Our Services

Microsoft solution

Get most out of your technological investment and bring transparency in service with the appropriate microsoft solution. We assist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 and give you the best customization, consultation and development services suiting your business requirement.

Salesforce solution

Salesforce is the cloud/hybrid/on-premise solution that save the main capital ratio of your business. It enable even the small business to use the service or integrate in the enterprise system. We help in using the force.com and lightening framework for building web/mobile apps.

Enterprise Web Development

The enterprises need an efficient web development solution for its efficiency enhancement and transparency. We give the best end-to-end business solution enhancing your operational efficiency, driving collaboration and automating repetitive tasks.

Enterprise Cloud Solution

Cloud is the steep step towards digitization, it leverage the small industries with effective business innovation solutions. We provide the effective cloud transformation, SaaS development and the support service for seamless and cost effective business flow.

Application Integration Services

To be as par the fast pacing business need and customer demand the application integration services are used. These services integrate the organization computerized information system or database for the effective interlinking and fast work process.

Enterprise Commerce

Enterprise commerce is build for selling purpose, the ultimate goal of any business is to increase its selling prospect and higher the revenue. We help to achieve this goal with the scalable and platform independent e-commerce software.

Benefits of Enterprise Business Solution

  • These business intelligence solutions streamline and align various business processes.
  • With these re-engineered business process the company is packed with higher ROI.
  • These Enterprises IT solutions bring better market reach, simplify end-to-end business processes and satisfy both customer and partner expectation.
  • These small business solution strengthen the company business processes and make them stay ahead of the continuous requirement influx.

Why Us?

  • Kliento is the efficient enterprise company with various EBS product engineered.
  • Our team follows a suit to reach the desired outlook.
  • Our process starts with evaluation & selection, implementation & migration of the applications, and finally bringing upgrades & support.
  • We bring innovative technology into your business idea building the apt enterprise business solutions.

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