Business Intelligence Services

Convert the raw data into meaningful insight

Business Intelligence solutions bind intelligence in the business embarking productivity and revenue generation of the business. BI enables better decision-making process, fast business querying time, real-time analysis, and easy information sharing along with many other intelligent prospects. To bring this intelligence in your business and drive the business goal, our analytical intelligent approach will spur new possibilities in your business. These apt business intelligence architecture will assist the enterprise to optimize their ROI and draw 360-degree insight of their business, product and customers.

The pronounced business intelligence platform effectively produced by our team at Kliento will help your enterprises to optimize decisions for the better business outcome and risk management. We bring correct and appropriate skill-set and experience to ensure the intelligent initiative move in right direction for prospective business growth and better revenue generation.

Our Services

Business Intelligence Consulting

Our business intelligence consultants will help you to select, optimize and deploy a range of BI analytic or BI reporting tool that will satisfy your business need. We value quality and perfection ensuring informed decision making with complete cycle plan. Kliento give consulting service with minimal risk and a wide range of BI solutions through open technology based BI platforms such as Hadoop and MangoDB.

Our Consulting Services includes

  • BI Roadmap
  • Requirement analysis
  • GAP analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Technology/Tool selection

Business Intelligence Implementation

We ensure the effective implementation of the open source BI solution in your organization. Our expertise help to deliver a system that meet your business and decision making needs. Kliento provide the end-to-end approach meeting the required business architecture, integration and management needs. Our BI solutions help to analyze data of the industry to get a complete picture of their business.

Our Implementation steps follow

  • Analysis
  • Prototype buildup
  • BI Solution
  • BI Implementation

BI Integration Services

Integrate your business system in the BI tool for easy access and better analysis of the data hence getting effective business results. We help to extract data from your CRM/ERP/other business system and integrate in the custom developed tool on-premise/cloud BI system. As whole data is now in an analytical form the business will accelerate, time to action will be lowered and thus resulting in better ROI.

BI Migration Services

Migrate your legacy business/data system into the technically advanced BI technologies and systems enhancing operational efficiency. Various migration services upgraded by our team are data-warehouse migration, migration from one BI tool to another and version upgrades of BI/ETL tool.

BI Analytic and Reporting

Kliento, has a team of experts that build the accurate reporting software based on the industry requirement. We help in building data visualization solutions so that you can answer any analytical business question and provide the business solution. By this analytic solutions, you can judge the customer trend based on various metrics; decide your business roadmap and respond to market demands and thus increasing productivity.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Services

  • Business Intelligence tools simplify the task of tracking and monitoring business activities.
  • BI services give the run-time customer trend and analytical result that help in making intelligent business decisions.
  • It overwrite the legacy system with the technologically advanced system and thus binding the new capability to the old systems.
  • BI tools give faster reporting, analysis or planning, thus building operational efficiency and better customer satisfaction.

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