Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard

Get the current performance of your business data at your screen and make timely business decisions.

Current competitive scenario and ever increasing data in every context of industry has urged the use of business dashboard. It is use to track KPIs, metrics and other key data points that require to be measured for business improvement.This BI dashboard brings the complete business overview on the single screen, thus saving this tiresome process of coordinating each team and managing the individual performance separately. In addition dashboard define your audience, identify the key metrics, give the user context, and design the immediate action.

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Our Offerings

Data transparency

Data is the most important asset of any company, it is analyzed for better business growth and sustainability. But if the data is available in unmanageable form it will be of no use, in this scenario dashboard is the ultimate business solution. A well build up dashboard provides the access of all the business metrics inter-departmentally.

Better Decision Making

Dashboard provides a detailed overview of company’s performance metrics in an interactive way. It provide the detailed view of each department and hence helping in better decision making. Business ashboards are the starting point for decision making, it gives even the little detail on any specific metric, and hence is the ad-hoc tool for better business outcome.

Intelligent Insight

It is a better tool for business process understanding and performance management. It give you metric representation of your business work either in positive or negative scenario. Business dashboards shows the trouble areas and give you the area to improve. It give a better overview of the department accountable for ups or downs.

Business Analytics Benefits

  • Priority: Analytics is a priority in a business growth
  • Efficiency: It brings operational efficiency in the enterprise
  • Insight visualization: BA technologies bring creative data visualization
  • Better planning: Analytical planning brings quality & relevance in the business
  • Cost efficient: Better analysis will reduce overall cost and increase revenue
  • Brings agility: A good analytical approach to enterprise work will make company agile

Why US

  • Kliento is the efficient digital transformation company bringing big data visualization in analytics
  • We bring faster, the greater insight of a business with worth-full data visualization
  • Our consultants are versed with 3D Architectural Rendering Services
  • We are efficient in various Business Analytics services

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