Why Us

Kliento has a long list of experienced professionals in various domains like Pharma/Healthcare, that will embark new outlook to the business need and help in overall enterprise development. We are the IT solutions provider with perfect methodology for small, mid and high level digital transformation.

Bringing the manage service solution to your query, our team will enhance the expectation to a high competitive level. We are the answer for tomorrow, the digital age, the thriving stage for survival of the best.


We are the sought after “managed IT services provider”, favoured by the digitally transforming industries. We are the dedicated, client-centric and diligent team with strong expertise and experience in providing IT business solutions.
  • Meet

  • Brainstorm
  • Expectation/Reality



  • Analyze

  • Feasibility
  • Blueprint
  • Make

  • Creative Design
  • UI/UX Exposure



  • Build & Automate

  • Process Implementation
  • Process Automation
  • Process Optimization
  • Support & Maintenance

  • Process Management
  • Process Support
  • Analysis & Consultation


Success Stories

BI Driven Reporting CRO Dashboard

Digital Solution for Clinical Research Studies along with reporting dashboards.

Single Digital Platform for CRF

Digital imprint of CRF study that has widely eased the overall site inter-coordination and brought early report generation.

Clinical Data Management System

CDMS system is designed for the collection of clinical data and managing data used mainly in human clinical trials. CDMS solutions are widely used by clinical research organisations.

Wearable and GPS Technology based Protecting & Tracking System

Protect and ensure safety of the person you love with the GPS, geo-fencing plugin and Beacons connected digital connected platform.


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