Internet of Things (IOT): The Technology that is already changing the world

Internet of Things modernize the most traditional activities. It bring the devices that talk to each other and to us, it connect the devices and database offering a continuous information exchange that is already giving a new dimension to traditional businesses. The digital transformation of the commercial project is already a huge jump in the business conception but the Internet of Things (Internet of Things or IoT) has immensely raised the level and is a milestone destined to change society.

Being an efficient IoT solution provider, we at Kliento will assist your smart need into intelligent solution. IoT brings smartness with smart cities, smart watches, smart devices, smart parking, smart waste management and other. We are the IoT development company, that builds, consult, test, support and integrate the IoT solution into the devices; bringing smartness into this changing digital world. Further, the IOT development in RFID, smart sensors, communication technologies, and internet protocols has added the growth rate of IoT.

How IOT system works?

Imaginative scenario

  • Two physical devices with in-build electronic sensors and API analyzing the data.
  • The required data will be stored in cloud via an internet gateway.
  • After ingestion of data in the cloud gateway, events go through one or more stream processors that route the data to storage or perform analytics and other processing.
  • These analytic information further enhance the capability of the connected devices with lessen human intelligence and building smartness into them.

IOT service brings

  • Advanced Data Communication
  • Real-time device monitoring
  • Digital Interconnected Systems

IoT solution

Smart Industries

IoT is marking it’s presence in Manufacturing, Energy, Re-imagine and Utilities process showcasing the true potential of these industries.

Smart Living

Smart devices are bringing smart living via wearables, healthcare, and security. These smart devices are enhancing the quality of life by embracing emerging technologies into daily living.

Smart Enterprises

Smart homes, Buildings/Offices and Retail are the IoT solution for enhancing business efficiency. It is a smart result build by connecting people, machines and information.

Our Services


Kliento is helping businesses to grow with the analyzed IoT consulting service. We define the problem statement along with recommended blueprint. Further, our consultant service will enhance your product and service with apt solution.

Application management

We build open platform architecture with end to end connectivity bringing Big data analytics and cloud enablement in the IoT system. The application API assembling the device and bringing intelligence is build in the cost effective and secure way.

System Integration

The integration of IoT asset to the product life cycle is accomplished by our experts. We accomplish CRM, ERP, SMS, Map, and other billing system integration with the IoT asset.


After the integration of IoT solution with the associated system we comply the lab testing, device field testing, mobile application teating, application automated testing, and platform testing.

Service and Support

We also assist for maintenance and support of the system delivered. Our team help in application management, L1/L2/L3 support, incident management and also provide cloud hosting.

Benefits of IOT

  • Smartness in device: This interconnection and data sharing gives efficiency improvement, economic benefit, and reduced human intervention thus bringing smartness in the devices.
  • Advanced functionality: These advanced functionality will bring wow factor in customer service.
  • Better brand engagement: IoT devices has in-build intelligence that bring loyalty and better customer engagement with the brand.
  • Reduced human effort:In many scenarios the immense human workload is lowered with the intelligent machines.
  • Marketing automation: IoT devices are getting popularity due to its intelligent automated feature, bringing automation in marketing tactics.

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