Enterprise ecosystem comprises various disparate applications & software products that were working independently. But to keep up with the pace these applications were digitally transformed in cloud and other database servers that need to be connected/integrated for better operational flow and efficiency of enterprise. These intelligent infrastructure need to talk to each other and share information. It has become a mission-critical task for both small and large organizations to connect these disparate applications and leverage enterprise application integrationfor enhancing scalability, improving overall business efficiency, and reducing IT costs. Kliento help in this induced task of application integration and provide the client satisfactory end-to-end application management services.

Application Integration services provide:

  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • Enhanced ROI
  • Application Collaboration

Cloud based Integration

We provide top cloud integration enabing your on-premise application with the SaaS solution.

Data Integration

We provide data integration service; re-writing the code or forming intermediate code format for application interpretation.

API Integration

We provide the effective API(Application Programming Interface) or connectors that would efficiently call the application or act as intermediaries.

Integration Testing

We provide integration testing exposing the flaws ASAP. Our testers perform both white box and black box testing for through code analysis.

Benefits of Application Integration Services

  • Application integration framework easier the system architecture.
  • It Improve enterprise agility and effectively optimize the process.
  • EAI bring scalable and reliable infrastructure.
  • Improved business processes and facilitates faster time-to-market.

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