A steep step towards digitization; implementing the enterprise with Salesforce Cloud Computing service

Nowadays, the enterprises are focusing on better customer experience with quick response time and streamline business flow. Along with it the vast data management is required in a systematic scenario. To acquire these business needs the organization are leveraging cloud and planting digital needs in the enterprise business flow. So, to help you in achieving the underlined customer loyalty and be as par the expectation, Kliento Technologies will assist you in implementing Salesforce sales cloud service in the enterprise system along with the latest IDE and framework.

Our Services


Kliento has expertise in Salesforce Development, we help organizations in getting complete Salesforce based business solution. We build the complete Salesforce business need starting from planning, designing and implementation at your ease. The Salesforce development service bring strong marketplace, and extend business offerings.


Salesforce compliance service for consulting your development strategy into proficient solution or analyzing your business need and suggesting the best Salesforce products. We give the best consultancy solution to your business needs; our experts guide and consult the best possible way to elevate and achieve the next level.

Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce cloud service constitute wide computing solutions. Salesforce Force.com is a part of the Salesforce cloud computing platform that is focussed on bringing automation in business workflow. Transform the new idea or existing apps by Salesforce Lightening framework.


We help organizations integrate the third party software with the Salesforce for better operational flow. The organizations have multiple software use in their problem solving. We integrate this third-party software with the Salesforce solution or Salesforce CRM for efficient and smart work. To accomplish the task their are some integration functionality that is customized as per your need.

Salesforce Force.com

Salesforce App Cloud; Force.com is a “cloud computing platform” or simply a “platform as a service” that loosen the burden off your head for setting the entire infrastructure. Force.com help companies in developing custom application in easier way.

    • Force.com Development

We custom build the mobile or web app by using Force.com platform

    • Force.com Integration

Our experts help in integrating real time data source and services with Force.com apps

    • Force.com Migration

We migrate your legacy business solution to force.com automated solution

    • Lightning Components

We are expertise in giving the best force.com front-end using lightning component and Javascript framework

Lightning effect of Force.com

With the lightning framework you can develop dynamic web app for mobile and desktop devices. This is the latest update in the force.com IDE.

Fast & Minimal coding

With minimal coding the force.com will be fast and hence less development time


The force.com apps are completely secure and provide flexible security architecture.

Easy User Interface

Lightning is a modern framework for developing digital components

Easy third party integration

Lightning is a modern framework for developing digital components

Integration with Third party software

Salesforce is not the only solution for the business needs, companies use various softwares to sove their business needs. So, to integrate the Salesforce solution to the third party software, we use various technique and technologies for easy and efficient management.

Integration tools

We use efficient pre-built integration tools for third party integration

Custom Integration

We build custom Java, .Net and JS based integration solution.

API development

Develop custom API in your solution for easy integration with Salesforce.

Integration AppDev

Our experts develop apps for easy integration of their solution with Salesforce

Benefits of Microsoft Solution

  • Sales Service Lightning: Lessen the time to sales cycle as the cloud CRM can easily filter the relevant customer and their need.
  • Enhanced communication: The client interaction is improved with the systematic customer data in the salesforce solution.
  • Automation of daily work: Salesforce service cloud integration saves the daily resource utilization and saves the time of IT infrastructure.
  • Utilization of data with various teams: The same Salesforce service can be accessed by various teams and thus reducing time to coordinate with each other.
  • Early pipeline of Sales: As data can be shared in pool with various teams, thus resulting in early closing of sales query.

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