Industrial IoT Systems

Here, it’s the connection of things that basically are non-consumer; the ones typically purchased by a professional or a company in order to use them in the delivery of a service. The Industrial Internet of Things encompasses industrial machinery; transportation equipment (cars, trains, and planes); health care equipment; and megasystems like smart buildings, smart cities, and smart utility grids. Their purpose is to increase productivity, allow manufacturers to differentiate through the offering of attached services, and reduce environmental impact. Industrial IoT systems enable applications such as predictive maintenance services, energy optimization, and design optimization.

Manufacturing IoT Systems

Manufacturing IoT systems—a subset of industrial IoT systems—include things that are found in a factory for the production of goods (factory buildings, manufacturing equipment, material handling equipment, robots, warehouses, and so forth). Here, manufacturing devices and software are connected to each other to optimize the operations of a factory in real time, synchronize the operation of automated equipment, and optimize the supply chain.

What we precisely do:

Smart Manufacturing Suite

We digitize manufacturing shop floors and use big-data analytics to provide actionable insights, helping manufacturers achieve their vision of operational excellence and data driven decision making.

OEM Smart Service Suite

We develop and track sustainability indexes and KPIs for commercial, retail and industrial facilities based on utility and energy consumption, helping them to save costs, streamline maintenance and reduce carbon footprint.

Other IoT Solution:

Smart Tracking Solution

  • Student Tracking
  • Internal and on-field Staff Tracking

IoT as a Services(IASS)

  • Cloud based IoT platform
  • Plug and plag apps
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Infrastructure Connectivity
  • Service Maintenance

Smart Healthcare

  • Health monitoring
  • Alert system
  • Predictive analysis
  • Smart reporting