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  • On July 24, 2018
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SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a methodology to optimize your content in order to position yourself effectively on search engines. This strategy allows you to rank your article/website or any web presence above from other sites that quote the same search terms. It is always better to partner with the best SEO company that provide the best White hat services for your business.

There are various strategies for bringing the effective ranking of your website/ content. The best SEO company know every tactic of SEO and will bring the best SEO practice in the content and strategy to attain the result. When writing an optimized article or better say content, it’s important to choose the right approach and take into account the guidelines used by Google. Good SEO practice in your text will help in improving the visibility of your article by providing relevant content to users and thus increase in the ranking of search engine results.

There are various SEO tactic in the content and SEO practices that are used to bring the ranking in the search engine, but all are not white hat practice, some are black hat also. Better to know that blackhat practices may lead you to darkness, instead of ranking, your content will be blocked. Blackhat is surely a easy and less time consuming SEO practice but every easy thing comes with a hurdle.The well versed or say the best SEO company know the SEO inside out and use the best SEO practice to bring the effective result.

Below are some of the best SEO practices to be followed by content writers and SEO executives for gaining the perfect optimized content that helps in website/content ranking.

  • Keyword: The keywords selected by the SEO executives should be selected seeing by analyzing the competitive level and relevancy of your content. Keywords are very important for optimizing your content.
  • Good SEO title: The SEO title (that appears on the search engine) of your posted content, should not exceed about 70 characters so as not to be truncated. In this case, the SEO will not be optimized if the truncated text contains your keywords.
  • H1 tag in SEO: It must be unique and is the title of your content. Do not create others within your article/content. The best way to start the title is by adding the keyword in it, preferably at the beginning of the sentence.
  • Introduction: Better to add the decided keyword in the first 100 words of your content. This tactic allows the google bots to find and index your content based on the keyword.
  • Subtitle (H2, H3 tags): These tags/ titles define the subcategory of your content, better to add a keyword in one of the tags.
  • Different formats: Its best to add different content format in your article. If you add an image, infographic or any other image, video format in your article, this will add the time spend by the user, which is important in SEO point of view.
  • Outbound links: These are the hyperlinks that link your content to the external site. This step allows the user to know more about the subject and hence increasing the quality of your content, and which directly has a positive impact on search engine bots.
  • Internal Links: These are the interlinks on your website. It links one page of your website to another relevant page and thus reducing the bounce rate, which is important in terms of SEO.
  • Meta-description: The meta’s are important in SEO optimization process. It defines the summary of your page and plays a vital role in ranking. It is limited to 140 characters and should include the page keywords and relevant words.
  • Questions/Answers: The content should be such that it encourages your readers for placing questions, reviews, ideas and suggestions. Make sure that your article adds value to your readers, a continuous interaction is important in SEO point of view.

Overview: There is various SEO company that portrays itself to be the best, they may be good but not in every aspect, some provide the black hat, some may take more time to accomplish the task. Better to judge the relevancy of their work by getting to know the practices followed by their writers and executives.

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