Case Studies

B2B digital Platform for Order Management

Lower the time for order placement and delivery with the digital initiative. We help in managing the large inventory, simplify the order placement procedure at PAN location and showcasing the real-time order status giving great customer experience and loyalty retention.

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Digital Asset Management

Get the mobility system for tracking and managing assets booking cycle. With the paperless management, there is a transparency and every executive can check the asset availability/un-availability, and book accordingly. It has helped a lot in tracking the assets and has lowered the case of misplacement.

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Automotive System

Connected Solution for Automotive Industry. Improve your automotive industry revenue by bringing the complete cycle at digital front. Whether a new vehicle launch, booking, 360 degree view, service center detailing, everything should be at the click of the customers. Apart from it get the latest telematics solution in it and stand high in the competitive industry.

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Event Management

Simplify the work of event organization, seller registration and accounts management. With the buildup of a digital platform, the sellers will get an online medium to reach more buyers ensuring more and more registrations of the seller and hence great event success.

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Sales Executive Tracking

Track your salesforce by sitting at the corner of your office. With the digital buildup there is seen a drastic improvement in sales output and hence overall business development. Get the mobility solution for your on-field executive and logically bring the resource utilization.

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