Digital Inspection

  • Posted by Kliento
  • On March 6, 2019

Quality inspection and assurance is essential for any industrial setup. It ensures the quality of your purchased product and even prevents any mishap. Quality inspection is most common in the manufacturing and production industry. Routine inspection is completed at regular interval to prevent the faulty or lagged product to reach the final stage of development. It lowers the development cost as any future asset defect or non-compliant assets are easily captured at an early stage.

Inspection saves our time, money and digital transformation of the process multiply it by 10.

Prior to digital transformation, the organization adds quality measurement by the paper inspection and with tribal knowledge. It means if a senior inspector leaves and junior inspector joins than it has to be a lot of work, training and defect measurement mismatch. Thus with digital transformation imbed service in the inspection process a lot of time and money will be saves. And even a less qualified resource addition will not result in a compromised product.

Digital service in Inspection has vastly eased the training process of new inspectors, from few weeks down to a few hours.

Key benefits of digital inspection service:

– Design customized forms
-Capture and Analyse data
-Meet Compliance obligations
-Paperless Inspection – On & Offline
-Improve Business Performance
-Capitalize On Inspection Intelligence

The Outcome

Data quality and integrity

-Real-time inspection data with a higher level of detail that allow more accurate engineered quality assessment.
-A guided inspection process reduces inspection errors and improves quality/timeliness of reporting.

Faster response time, greater team coordination

-Enabling greater communication between engineers, field inspectors and Project teams that result in the early flow of information and audit trail.
-Collaborative inspection workflows bring faster decision making.
-Staff is notified of even minute issues in real time allowing for immediate site intervention.

Smarter ways of working

-New digital inspection templates assist the client to achieve goals of automated reporting and even assist in offshore engineering assessment model.
-A higher number of engineering assessment now takes place in an offshore engineering data center.
-Direct interaction of Client’s IT systems with Inspectivity’s Platform that leverage information exchange.

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