Internet of Things

Make your Enterprises IoT-Ready by leveraging our Industrial-IoT (IIoT) solutions from the smallest value unit to broader business objectives.

Our expertise lies in System Architectural design and development of IoT enabled market-ready products. We have an impressive portfolio of product designs that use FPGAs, 8 bit to 32 bit microprocessors, bus architectures like SPI, I2C, CAN, PCI etc.; and Embedded Operating Systems like Linux, VxWorks, ThreadX etc. Our domain expertise extends to network routers, modems, telecom protocol firmware and cameras.

Our Competencies:


  • ICs (Chips): TI OMAP, ARM, PowerPC, Xilinx/Altera.
  • Boot Loaders: uboot, redboot.
  • Embedded SW: C, C++, SystemC, VHDL.
  • OS: Linux, ThreadX, WinCE, Android.



  • Orcad
  • Cadstar
  • Eclipse


  • System Software, Hardware Design and Prototyping(up to 16 layers PCBs): 
  • PoS Terminals, Cameras
  • Refreshable Braille Display, Surgical Equipment Lock/Refurbish
  • UPS(Building Management), Solar Micro Inverter, Energy Conserving devices
  • Radar Data Multicast Forwarder, Switch/Router
  • Crane Safety Dashboard, Electric Vehicle Charger