Big Data Analytics

Make rational decision with Big data analytics

Data is vast and is immensely increasing at a voluminous rate, that make the traditional data-processing application software inadequate to deal with them. It bring the Big data in action, capturing huge data, storing it and providing a visualization on real time basis for making business intelligent decision. We simplifies the big data and give effective Hadoop implementation for giving analytic view of your business sector.
Hadoop- an open source framework that is used to manage and process the large amount of data, giving an analytical solution for making business intelligent solution.

Why Hadoop?

  • Massive Storage Space
  • Quality
  • Scalability
  • Failure Resilience

Unlock the true potential of industrial data.

Big data analytics solutions ensure the correct assimilation of your data from various sources. It bring the vast data in a systematic way thus ensuring analytic view of the data, giving effective result.

Real time data analytics

It also give efficient scope for analyzing real time data from various sources. Get the real time data virtualisation with the power of machine learning and gain competitive advancement.

Our Services

Database Administrator

We help to unleash the power of data for driving meaningful actionable insights. Our big data solution bring computing facilities and tools helping enterprises scale up by faster data-driven decision making. We database administrator service include data source analysis, capacity planning, architectural consulting, and much more.

Hadoop and Spark Development

Our experts in Hadoop give effective integrated solution helping in gaining actionable and meaningful data insight. We have deep expertise in implementing Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive, Flume, Sqoop, and Oozie) that help in implementing big data capability for generating actionable insight for your industry.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics

  • Cost saving: Big data analytics bring the use of wide database and thus save the cost of using various database server.
  • Market analytics: It allow the analytic view of market giving a competitive advantage by better understanding of current market conditions.
  • Control online reputation: Big data tools can do sentiment analysis. It can monitor the user clicks and searched pattern and give related discounts and adds to them.

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