Cloud Services

Digital is the new era, and the companies are moving towards digital platform by enabling cloud services in their business model. The move imply the full automation or improvement of the productivity of individual job in the establishment. The cloud service implementation eventually lower the main capital ratio of the company by accelerating the compute intensive application, and thus utilizing the whole capital towards the core business and moving to a new level.


Kliento deals with the analytic approach towards cloud computing and have extensive experience in providing competitive cloud solutions. Building the solution and analyzing the benefits with the newer hosting models include operations cost reductions without compromising security, in addition to improving the end user experience. Customizing the service as per the platform, we deploy apt industry proven applications over the cloud. Our enterprise Cloud solutions ensure that your business is future-ready, high-quality and meets all your digital needs.

Cloud Transformation


With more and more enterprises entering the particular business, there is a higher level of competence which ultimately require a change in business orientation and lookout. Hence to compete this competence the companies are moving towards cloud computing services. These services lower the operational time, increase the core business and thus higher the ROI of the company.


The company analyst are continuously looking for low cost transition over this new trend, they are looking for solution to various cloud service related queries that range from the saving it will bring, data safety issue, how it will scale the user base, and the model to be used (hosted, hybrid or on-premise).

Cloud Implementation

Cloud is implemented in the company business through various steps starting from cloud assessment, development, optimization and finally support.

The advisory team assess the cloud service and analyze its utility over your business and on ROI of the company. The cloud integration to synchronous or asynchronous mechanism, the achieving methodology towards business KPIs and the integration methodology to cloud app is detailed.

We also integrate and implement the on-premise client application with the customized Salesforce or Microsoft enterprise solution.

Salesforce Cloud Support Service

Kliento provides the required support of cloud based application with the experience and expertise issue-to-resolution analysis. The various solutions that enhance the customer experience of the cloud service cover:

– On-premise salesforce support service at easy payment methodology.
– On-call support by expert, live chat, web, scheduled, and call-back over phone.
– Knowledge based support system with value-additions.
– Instant and accurate support service with expert analysis.

SaaS cloud application development

SaaS, Software as a Service allows the use of the third party application over the cloud after the discussed capital investment on the basis of user or timeframe. The companies are moving towards the SaaS cloud application development due to many reasons, including lack of skills for development to the new digital upgradation, high cost of managing and supporting an application or database used by many users and low bandwidth towards building new functionality.

There are various utility of SaaS cloud application development:

– Low infrastructure cost, better return on investment
– Easy upgradation and maintenance
– Utilization of expenditure on expansion of core business

The cloud platform is built to take and systematic management of the massive volumes of data generated by devices, sensors, websites, applications, customers and partners and initiate actions for real-time responses.

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