Transforming Business Models

Digital Business Transformation

In the growing digital era, the organizations need to transform its business models for it’s future viability.

Transforming business models of the organization is an important aspect of digital transformation, it comprises transforming the business functions, activities, processes, models, assets, and activities. The changing customer demand has opted the organization to enter into the digital era and take advantage of digital opportunities. To be as par the digital need, we help to accelerate your business growth by transforming the legacy business flow into digital business with an innovative approach. Our digital business consultation will maximize your flexibility in transforming the legacy IT ecosystem into cost-effective, automated, and customer/partner-centric ecosystem.

Business Transformation strategy:


Exploring and identifying alternative directions in which leaders could take the business to offshore


Digital Business

Building an aligned view of what it will take to be successful organization in the future


modified Business

Reshaping Enterprise’s strategic, organizational and leadership agenda accordingly


Why digital business transformation?

Customer retention

Transforming business models brings better customer experience and hence more customer retention.

Outgrow competitors

Business model transformation is essential as it make the organization ahead of the competitors.

Transformation framework

Digitally Modified Business

Transform the old legacy business with all new digital enablers at every process and department of business. Start with analysis, move to brainstorming then to decision making and finally to build and deliver.

New Digital Business

Compliment your traditional business/product with new –gen digital solutions. E.g. a sports apparel manufacturer started selling GPS and other digital devices that can track and report on a customer’s workout.

Digital Globalization

Increase your business reach in global market with digital globalization. Digital marketing is accomplished at enterprise level to enable its global reach. Along with it mass emails, multi-level commerce and other help in global reach.

Our Solution

Kliento understand the requirement of mobile app in every business need, we have customized business requirement into successful solutions. Our team is well trained
with the technological advancement and work at 10X speed to satisfy your custom requirement.

Design Engineering

Get the best UI/UX design to effectively apply on your business need and objective. Build the business entities, their relationship and their lifecycle.

Business Analytics

Plan your business transformation with the customer feedback, strategical objective and business capabilities

Enterprise Solution

After the required business analysis, plan the roadmap and bring the defined enterprise solution

Benefits of Digital Business Transformation

  • Business transformation reinvent your company’s purpose
  • Business transformation reinvent your company’s purpose
  • It transform the company to remain and/or become more competitive in the future
  • Brings new way of thinking, and acting throughout the organization
  • Bringing proactive customer experience, digital operation excellence, and revenue stream generation

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