Technology is changing at a rapid stage and that has resulted in the aging of application. Like any other product, it must also evolve to avoid dying. To meet the expectation there are various methodology that re-engineer the application and make them meet the present expectation.
The mission of application re-engineering is to analyze, understand and alter existing product and reconstruct it in a new form. It is an ongoing process, a continuous evolution due to ongoing changes in business processes and information technology.

The goal of application re-engineering services

  • Efficiency Enhancement
  • Easy Adaptability
  • Ease of Maintenance


The question is whether to evolve or re-engineer the application. After many years of operation, there is often a time when the application/product or its platform becomes obsolete or too expensive to maintain and evolve, and hence calling for re-engineer process. Kliento; the pioneer digital transformation company emphasize on innovation and assist you in re-think and re-design your application and transform it into technically advanced application. Re-engineer your application with us to get the most out of the proven process, technology expertise and tools to modernize your aging application. We bring modern technologies such as .NET and J2EE, Cloud Transformation, Salesforce implementation, ERP utilization and other for re-engineering process.

Our Services

  • Language Upgradation: We re-think and re-design the language of your legacy application for bringing customer understanding and effective user interface.
  • Database Change: Our re-engineer process and tools bring improved version of legacy database so that the new database is quickly implemented for testing and implementation.
  • Technology Upgradation: Our technology upgradation of the re-engineered application ensure minimum customization that protect exploitation of current app functionality. The re-engineer process ensures better ROI and changes ensuring key business process.

Benefits of Application Re-engineering

  • Reduce maintainability cost associated with maintaining legacy system.
  • The re-engineered product scale up to handle a larger user base.
  • Better and advanced operational and performance.
  • Alleviate licensing and support issues with the older technologies.
  • Improve user friendliness and portability of applications.

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