Mobile Application Management

As more and more mobile devices are added in the workforce, it require the need for mobile application management.

Mobile Application Management, MAM, focuses on management of the application used by devices rather than managing the device itself. Mobile app management allows system administrator to have less control over device and more control over the application. The Core features of the mobile app management system include, app delivery, app updating, app performance monitoring, usage analytics, user authentication, crash log reporting and user & group access control.

Today’s Challenges

  • Increased use of mobile application in companies
  • Shared device bring various issues like data wipe or lock
  • Increased app security issue and load management
  • Access control by centralized department

Our Services




Our MAM Solutions

App Store

Deploy apps from the B2B App Store to meet the organization’s unique needs.

Security Enforcement

Provide seamless, secure access to business systems, limit the content sharing and implied encryption.

Performance monitoring

We help you to understand how your app is performing in real world.

Application Testing

We provide mobile app testing, UI, User acceptance testing and required mobile friendly test to give secure app to the employee

Usage tracking

Server software to track mobile application usage that analyze goals, visit count, and security.

User and Group Access Control

Controlling the user access by functionality control to avoid app lock or access blockage

Mobile Application Management Benefits

Mobile Application security service

  • Proactive access control for keeping control over non-compliant devices from accessing business data
  • Selective wipe for users or IT to remotely wipe business data off a device.

Mobile Application server security

  • Secure connection channel from app to the data center.
  • Help to keep company data safe and personal data private

Mobile Application automatic configuration

  • push app configurations to mobile devices.
  • Scale app license management
  • Help users find apps faster by providing list of IT approved
    business apps
  • Monitor app performance and usage

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