The enterprises are growing, and to manage the growth and advancement the employees are proportionally added in the workforce bringing a vast work environment, need for systematic scenario. The latest mobility solution are introduced in the enterprise and are integrated via various business solution, bringing a systematic connected workforce. With the integration the enterprises boost their performance across functions such as customer relationship, human resources, supply chain and financial management.


  • Improved Customer experience by advanced functionality.
  • Reduced Data Entry and Error due to single login and unified reporting.
  • Consolidated customer data at one place.
  • Reduced business & IT support cost using advanced automated system.
  • Improved quote system due to connected system
  • Improved productivity and profit

Our Solution

Mobility ERP Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning system’s integration with mobility enterprise automate business giving high-value efficiency to customers and better visibility. The growing demand has asked the companies to integrate their ERP system with their other enterprise mobile systems to meet the business demands. Our experts help in integrating enterprise to the mobility solution, it fasten and make the workforce profitable as the data is centralized and accessible from anywhere.
The Mobility ERP Enterprise Integration help in

  • Customer management
  • Items management
  • Invoices management
  • Orders management
  • Shipment management

Mobility CRM Enterprise Integration

The introduction of mobile in the enterprise has called for integrating CRM to the mobile enterprise. To provide customer-centric business culture the CRM is integrated in the mobile enterprise model. We help to integrate Mobile CRM to your enterprise mobility solution in the best possible way. Our experts will provide CRM Application Development, CRM App Usability Testing and CRM App Testing.

The integration allows

    Service automation

    Create a digital workplace, enabling choice of device, driving experience and building productivity.

    Sales Updation

    Instant access to information required on a specific customer, industry, trend or processes.

    Marketing Updates

    Instant order processing, with analytic report and smooth customer support.

    User and Group Access Control

    Controlling the user access by functionality control to avoid app lock or access blockage.

Mobility Cloud Enterprise Integration

It provide a connected workforce with easy and quick accessibility between the applications in your organization. Cloud in mobility enterprise help in intelligent data mapping with the various segments of the workforce for instant and secure data processing in the enterprise model.

    Mobility Supply Chain Enterprise Integration

    The integration with enterprise will help you to remotely monitor and manage all your seller staff. With the implementation the company’s suppliers will get an up-to-date view of your production needs, product development and manufacturing operations.
    Supply Chain Integration will assist the suppliers by:

    • Low Production Time by point to point updates
    • Save Cost by managing large inventory

    Mobility EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) Integration

    In includes integrating different OS, database architectures, computer languages, and other legacy systems that are no longer supported by the original manufacturers to the enterprise mobility solution .

    Salesforce Integration

    The integration of Salesforce Crm system in mobile enterprise help in centralized share of sales data, thus helping in smooth sales function. The integration with mobility allows managing sales order, product information, client information and sales order at a centralized mobile application. Being a cloud solution it can be accessed from anywhere and thus giving more remote access and increased productivity.

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