Chatbots are the AI messaging bots that are the need of present time, it simplifies user task and gives simplified customer experience and easy business reach. Till now most of you must have interacted with AI chatbots in one or other platform, it is an artificial intelligent assistance in the legacy chatbox.
Previously people were spending more time on social media but now they are more into the messaging apps, bots are the solution for it. It give instant response to the customer message in an intelligent manner that leads to better customer experience. Adopted by numerous companies in a small span of time, chatterbots are the perfect business solution for enterprises that need to reach the customer at 24*7.

Messaging as a platform (MAAP) apps is the synonym to AI bot, they are revolutionizing the business interaction with customers. MAAP allows various businesses to assist in customer support, e-commerce guidance, and interactive experience through various chatbot platform. Thus, resulting in a satisfied customer interaction with easy bot implementation.

Engage your Audience

Be reachable to your customers on every domain at any instant of time.

We will assist you to be client reachable at every platform without any issue and at any time. AI chatbot can immediately tackle issues at any instant of time thus improving customer support and satisfaction. Moreover, chatbots don’t burden the customer with irrelevant information, and provide proactive customer interaction, so are the effective customer retention solution with lesser errors.

Build intelligence in your chat

Build a AI bot that give intelligent assistance in client interaction

The intelligence gives power to the chatbot for handling any complex situation that comes on its way. Chatbot intelligent influx need to be handled carefully for efficient human interaction, it is eventually a machine that is interacting with complex human brains. So, to handle situation effectively AI chatbot is build with the ability to sense, sharp to think and quick to act.


Kliento technologies is a proficient AI chatbot development company. Our expertise empowers AI, NLP and Machine learning languages to give streamline chatbot solution for various customer platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and custom developed bot. We are the chatbot maker and satisfying the complete chatbot development cycle thus leading to chatbot success.

  • Analyzing requirement
  • Design/prototype/UX/UI
  • Developing bots
  • Testing and launching
  • Maintenance & Support

Chatbot model

We work on two methodology based on the project requirement

  • Retrieval based model: This model works on the concept of predefined responses. There is a stacked repository of predefined responses, the chatbot pick the appropriate response based on the query raised by the user.
  • Generative based model: The chatbot build under this model is built using machine translation techniques, it generate new response based on the raised query by the user. Generative models enable chatbot for more intelligent conversations where it deals with several user queries. This model uses NLP and machine learning for managing the intelligent quotient.

Our Offerings

Facebook bot development

We assist companies in reaching millions of online fb users. With the bot enablement your business services such as customer support, interactive experience and e-commerce guidance will be intelligently assessed and automated.

Microsoft bot development

Microsoft bot is the solution of your wide need, it is like build for one and use for all. Our experts will provide the perfect bot framework that will be used for all the microsoft services such as Skype, office 365 and other.

Whatsapp bot development

Whatsapp bot will assist in automatic conversation with your customers in an intelligent manner. Our team help in building intelligent chatbot on whatsapp platform and enhancing the way businesses interact.

Custom bot development

Our live custom bot will assist businesses in marketing campaigns, sales, providing crucial information and intelligent customer support.We will assist you in getting the required solution in set time frame with complete support.

Bot for everyone


  • Can manage purchase orders and provide support in transit management.
  • Can provide real time inventory report and shipment status.


  • Give personalized support system to your customers for better experience.
  • Give pop-ups to customers for completing transaction successfully.


  • It give act as medical assistant for scheduling medical appointments.
  • Chatbot can also automate the answers to some queries related to health issues.


  • Chatbots can help in marketing the products and services to target audience
  • Chatbot can analyze the marketing tactic of customer and send them related discounts and promotional messages


  • They assist in direct customer relation quickly on numerous messaging platforms
  • Chatbots intelligently assess the customer intentions and give various product recommendation for successful purchase.

AI-Chatbot Benefits

  • Let’s customer talk to you at any instant of time.
  • Support system at your doorstep
  • Make business reachable, contactable and responding at 24*7
  • It enhances mobile marketing efforts
  • Allow personalized interaction and thus increased customer interaction
  • Make realistic interaction with users
  • Less human involvement and thus saving resources

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