Why to develop Business website?

  • Posted by Poorva Sundriyal
  • On January 2, 2019

Website development is an inclusive step in the business transformation, it helps in better customer reach and hence more return on investment. It is seen that website development company help in building the digital presence of your enterprise – it makes you satisfy the customer digital need. Thus it is the requirement of the day to bring the website of your business. But in the meadow, a question arises that why we need a web presence – even when the business is flourishing.

Why be present on online medium?

The online presence is required due to various means, with some are defined below:

  1. Communicate about your business, a web application or website development make your business communicate effectively to the customers. It makes your product or service effectively present its specification to the customers which was previously not feasible through manual communication.
  2. Sell online, the website enables the seller to sell their product on an online medium, which is the necessity of this digital customer. They search, browse and purchase online – that requirement is well fetched by the digital presence of the organization.
  3. To be visible, the millennial go for the service that is well promoted and serviced in the online platform. The website gives you enough scope for making your service/product visible to the customers and brings better revenue.

Different website category:

There are different types of website that complement your business requirement. Each organization has a different business need and customer servicing request, thus they require varying website development that justifies their requirement. The main website that is developed for the organizations are detailed below:

– Brochure:

– Ecommerce:

– Portal:

– Informative:

– Social Media:


  1. Brochure website development: It is the simplest website that can be said as the online business card. It is like an online brochure that has the business prospect on one page and has the service they offer at a different page. And to deal with them they have an impressive contact page with the detail of their warehouse and medium of reach.
  2. Ecommerce website development: Retail segment needs an online platform for the digital customer need. The ecommerce website development makes the online shopping, payment through a secure gateway and third party transaction is also accomplished through online medium.
  3. Portal: A portal website development enables information sharing from various website. The early example being Yahoo. It offers email, forums, news, search engine through their homepage. Portal is used by the students in the college, school or university to access their email, grades, alerts and other, all in one.
  4. Informative: It is an information sharing website development such as Blogs, articles submission website that allow people to share or change the information they possess. It is freely available on the internet with free of cost login or with slight sign-up cost.
  5. Social media: The social media website development allows image and information sharing among online users. It promotes online marketing and encourages interaction among relevant customers.

Thus, it is the business requirement that defines the website development for the business model transformation. Thus, it is the business consultant analysis to judge the business and collaborate with the website development company to develop the one related to the organization business workflow.

Types of website design

 The website design is of two types – Static and Responsive. The different type defines how optimized the website is for all devices.

  1. Static or fixed: A static website is not well optimized for all screen size, they are made for the specific width of the pixel. They have faster loading time and are simple to develop, but are less preferred due to their low user experience.
  2. Responsive: A responsive website is completely optimized for all screen sizes such as mobile, tablets, PCs and other devices. The website will work differently for every device and is customer friendly for every system.

Conclusion: Getting a website is never so easy, it needs a detailed analysis and consulted knowledge for bringing a one for your enterprise. It is the main digital transformation solution which enables you to sell or mark your presence online.

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