How Mobile App Development Service extending the Industries Scope?

  • Posted by Kliento
  • On May 3, 2018

Client acclaimed; “one of the best mobile applications Development Company in the region of Noida”, we provide top-rated mobility solution for your business need. Nowadays the customer base is shifting towards the mobile world that ultimately adds the need for the business to incline for accurate mobility solution. Our team follows a systematic working method to give the best exposure to advanced technology in the required business solution.

Our expertise

Being the IT service provider Kliento Technologies has the expert professionals that are proficient in their technologies. We have provided an apt solution for various segments of the industry such as Education, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Telecom and other.  The experienced workforce comprises Android, iOS, Advanced language and Hadoop developers. Combining the scope of our work we are the platform for any sort of business mobility need.


Mobile App Development is a complex but a required solution for any business growth. A systematic methodology helps in building the accurate solution on a discussed timeframe.  Agile methodology is the development method that builds the required solution with the customer involvement in every step. This approach requires a joint effort of the development team and the customer.  We build the product in a standard methodology starting from adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and constant improvement it is a perfect strategy for complex projects.  It is the iterative and flexible approach used in projects where customer requirement changes frequently.

Agile Vs Waterfall methodology

Waterfall model is the sequential method, whose phases go one after the other. Development and testing being the last step with a huge investment if any change of requirement occurs, on the other hand in agile methodology iterative steps of Design, Develop and Test occur with continuous customer interaction.

The Agile Scrum methodology for mobile apps is a type of agile development methodology in which scrum is an agile structure, breaking the process of app development into smaller chunks.  Each individual chunk is called scrum that is managed by an individual scrum-master. This method involves the maximum utilization of resources and also helps in keeping the team focused.


We are the perfect blend of modernization and digitization providing the modern approach to technological advancement. Our Project Management deals with all the requisite approach for giving the perfect solution for your business need. The PM phase is well termed as project life cycle. The   Project Management phases are:

  • Initiation: The initiation marks the beginning of the project and is the step where the project charter is developed and stakeholders are identified.
  • Planning:This mark the development of project plan. It measures costs estimation, resources determination, and requirement analysis. It also comprises risk identification and planning for implication, along with building the communication channel.
  • Execution:Under execution phase, the project is carried out, with measurement for managing resources and managing stakeholder expectations.
  • Controlling/Monitoring:This phase is simultaneously carried out with execution. Under it, quality is monitored, and cost/time allocations are analyzed in order to keep things within budget.
  • Closing:This is the phase where the project is finalized, the deliverable is given to the customer, stakeholders are told of the completion of the project, and all resources are released back to their resource managers.

Mobile app development services:  Our company is provide mobile app development services for various industries that has prompted there growth and advancement in their individual service.

Mobility service in Retail: The mobility is introduced in the retail segment for seamless customer experience, digitizing the retail catalogue, manage sales and order pipeline efficiently, and managing customer support.

Mobility service in Education: Mobility solution in the education sector provides more student enrolment. It improves the learning experience, provides location free education, and facilitate the teacher-student interaction

Mobility service in Telecom: Mobility gives new scope to the telecom service provider.  Mobility in telecom builds Digital VAS, m-commerce, and other services to the service provider thus increasing revenue.

Mobility service in Insurance: The mobility solution in insurance sector provided end-to-end mobility support solutions to the customers with easy and hassle-free services. The mobility solutions enable insurance companies to initiate the creation and issuance of policies, help policyholders to initiate claims processing, and also allows re-insurance processing to take place in online mode.

Mobility service in Supply Chain: The solution is a huge success in the supply chain as it helps in asset & warehouse management, quality control, fleet & inventory management and real-time validation.


Kliento is an IT service provider that give consulted mobility business solution with Agile methodology. Our team is the blend of ethical and diligence behaviour which helps the customer for attaining the required solution on timely basis. Being exposed to various technologies, our solutions are implied by consulting the best technology in the requirement by a detailed analytic consultancy.  Building Android, iOS and cross-platform applications for various industries in a systematic way with exact methodology has marked our space in the customer forefront.

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