3 main types of Mobile Apps and their Utility

  • Posted by Kliento
  • On November 12, 2018

Mobile applications are the perfect way to gain more customer visibility and spread awareness among the masses. It is the perfect and cost-effective way to gain business early popularity. Mobile application development is a necessity now as the mobile is now not just a mean of communication, it has far reached the technology and is used for a large number of functionality. You can avail the internet banking, shopping, product reach or any other business reach by your mobile device. Thus a well builds the mobile application is the call of today that can bring your business to the customer’s hand.

To provide a good build app the mobile application development company are facilitating the cutting edge technology that results in maximizing the return on investment of your business.

There are various types of mobile app that justify various business requirements.

Native apps: The mobile apps that are developed individually for each mobile platform are the native apps. The most developed native apps are Android app development and iOS app development which has been successful in implementing the functionality to the customers at a wide range. It is beneficial to develop the native mobile apps due to the following reasons:

  • Native mobile apps run faster: The mobile application development company bring the native application using the core platform’s programming language and APIs. This allows for easier and fast compilation and processing of the application as it utilizes full advantage of the device and hence resulting in fast app processing.
  • More secure and reliable: They provide a more proactive way of driving device security and maintenance. They use the full functionality of the device and provide the remote management control of applications on individual mobile devices.
  • Easy to add new features: In native mobile apps the extra APIs can be added in addition to the already running features and services. This increase the creativity associated with the application.
  • Native apps integrate better with mobile hardware: It leverages all the features of the mobile device and provides a well functional application.

Hybrid apps: The mobile application development company are at ease to provide the hybrid apps for your business. It is advised due to its functionality of ‘develop once and run everywhere’. These hybrid mobile applications are developed due to the following reasons:

  • Same code base: It can be developed in a single code base rather than developing the app for different platforms in different languages.
  • Portable: Hybrid apps can run on various platforms and provide the same functionality in every mobile device.

Web apps: The web apps or the responsive website can run on all the mobility devices. They work similar to the native application but doesn’t need to be downloaded but accessed by the browser access. It is further a necessity to develop the web app due to the following reasons:

  • Low space: The web apps require less space or no space in your mobile device. As all the information is saved in the server thus any mobile device can access it with just an internet connection.
  • Low development cost: The web apps are developed at the lowest cost due to its capability of coding for a single platform and even test on one platform only.

Conclusion: The mobile application development company are providing mobile apps that are revolutionizing the ways of our daily life. It has digitized the business operation and customer mode of using the marketplace. There are three mobile app types that have different usability and should be analyzed on the basis of cons and pros for adding it into the business.

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