Internet Of Things(IoT): Top trends and Future Prospects

  • Posted by Poorva Sundriyal
  • On October 25, 2018

IoT is the latest buzz in the digital world it literally connects the physical devices with the electronics items embedded with software, sensors or actuators. This Internet of Things wants to extend the internet connectivity to any dumb or immovable non-internet enabled physical system such as refrigerator, fan, car and other. It has made these traditional devices to communicate and interact over the wide world of internet. Thus, it is required to reach the top mobile application development company that can bring you the best IoT implementation.

IoT explained

In the simpler word, IoT is a massive network that connects various electronic devices which can be controlled with another device.  The internet help in data exchange of the connected device and the software program them to work accordingly. For example, A smart door can be controlled by your mobile phone bringing more secure environment. IoT signifies machine-to-machine communication that involves least human intervention. Any device controlled by the human will intelligently pass the command to another device and thus the task is completed will low risk.

Trends in IoT

Internet of Things has brought automation in various sectors and hence resulted in better productivity.  The Internet is a crucial part of the system; it connects two systems with in-build IoT software. The data is collected in the database and the software determines the important and useful data that will bring the required task into action, consequently automating the system.

This whole IoT system has revolutionized various segments of industry and brought a significant change resulting in better customer experience and thus more ROI.

  1. Smart homes: The future holds in IoT, smart light, smart environment management, smart move, etc. Imaging you can control the door of your home with the mobile phone, operating the refrigerator, fan and other things.  IoT lets you control your home with your smartphones. It will give more security to your house and your family.
  2. Smart wearable: These wearable are in use by a large number of population, they help you in getting a detailed health judgment. IoT in healthcare is a huge success as people can now easily track their heartbeats, calorie burnt, food habit and other.  The sensors in the IoT device can easily measure your stats and can warn you consequently.
  3. Driverless car: A perfect example of IoT in the vehicle market can ease your daily hectic life to a great extent. It is still a future technology with in-build technology that will detect traffic, road structure, weather, speed breakers, potholes and other. The driverless car is the best IoT invention which will allow us to drive easily without any human intervention.
  4. Amazon Go: A fabulous example of IoT in the shopping sector. Amazon has come up with the idea of Amazon go that will bring a new level of shopping experience. Whenever you enter the Amazon store you just need your Amazon account QR code to enter and further-on pick any and all item you need to purchase. This will automatically add the items in your cart and add up the bill amount, no long billing queue, no checking out queue and items checking.


Connected devices: Components used for IoT platform. Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of connected devices, it connects two devices and let them communicate to bring out the required decision. There are below components that help in managing the complete IoT system:

  1. Sensors/Actuators/Devices: Sensors help in picking the important data from the physical device. It is connected to the device and help in sorting out the relevant data with the help of the software system.
  2. Internet Connectivity: The IoT system requires high-speed data connectivity. A WAN, Blue-tooth, Wi-Fi, etc will connect the data collected by the sensor to a cloud infrastructure. Connectivity medium should be selected previously as it will be a medium that connects the physical and mobile devices, even the working of cloud infrastructure will be managed by it.
  3. Data processing: The IoT device is programmed intelligently to process the complete data and process only the required data, such as the temperature of ac and other. The application is processed to make a fast and immediate action. The efficient mobile app development company will give you the required programming at best scenario.
  4. User interface: This is a very important step and varies according to the user requirement. The IoT application development company needs to bring a flexible scenario that can be programmed as per requirement. Such as, whether the user needs a notification or an alert message for the ac temperature.

Conclusion:  Definite Futuristic growth

The analysis says that at present there are approximately 7 Billion connected IoT devices used on a worldwide scale. This trend is accelerating and the devices are expected to reach 10 billion by 2020 and 22 billion by 2022. These analyses clearly show the futuristic growth of the IoT devices and justify the need of your business to find the perfect IoT or mobile app development company.  The security is the main concern for every industrial sector and the answer to it is the implication of IoT devices that bring security and great customer experience.

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