Android Studio 3.2: Latest Buildup Assistance by Android Community

  • Posted by Kliento
  • On October 12, 2018

Android app development service is in huge demand nowadays, not basically of its easy accessibility and open source usability but due to its wide range of customer base. According to an analysis – there are around 80.4% of worldwide devices that are running on the Android platform. It is a service worth to be utilized and brought into use by the business people. The development, build, test scenario and optimize criterion should thus be brought with ease to bring a perfect and timely app delivery by the android app development company.

Android Studio 3.2 is the latest IDE introduced by Android which helps in the easy and timely delivery of the application. Thus it is advisable for the android app development company to bring the latest buildup of the Android Studio in their working environment. There is development assistance which we have already discussed and below we are going to detail the easy build assistance by the Android Studio 3.2.

Build Assistance: The latent demand for optimized and fast app delivery is finally met

Android App Bundle: Consumers prefer easy and fast app delivery which is best dealt with the introduced Android app bundle. It helps in designing smaller APKs to the users. Recently, Google play has a new delivery platform that accepts android app bundle and delivers only those APKs that are needed in the specific device. This has brought an easy and fast app downloading on the customer front. It is also possible to rebuild your code as an app bundle and get the detailed benefit of smaller APKs without changing the code.

R8 Optimizer: Still in experiment state but a well-optimized tool used in-app buildup. During the process of the app build up the Android Studio ProGuard to optimize and shrink the Java language bytecode. But with the adoption of Android Studio 3.2, there is a replacement for R8 in place of ProGuard.

D8 Desugaring: New Java language support new features require new bytecode and language APIs, but the older Android devices don’t support them. This problem is solved by the desugaring process which replaces new bytecode and language API with older one during the build process. Initially introduced with Android Studio 3.0 it is now a default option with Android Studio 3.2. With this introduction, the android app development company can use any latest language changes even for older devices.

Conclusion: Android Studio 3.2 is the latest introduced IDE for assisting the early and on-time android application delivery. It has eased the work at every front say it developer front, build, testing and optimize stage. Thus better to get to the update version and compete with a better and quick buildup.

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