8 reasons to partner with the Android app development company

  • Posted by Poorva Sundriyal
  • On November 20, 2018

Mobile application development is the deed of today’s digital transforming era, they are giving easy accessibility of your business to the customers. The mobile devices are the liability that is enjoyed by every class of customers nowadays, the world is going mobile, thus getting into the mobile will definitely prove to be the easiest way enabling the all-time visibility to the customers.

Lead the race, stretch out and outreach your business with the native or hybrid mobile application. There are various platforms that help in implementing this business transformation need.
It is advised to analyze the customer and business trend for the respective mobile platform and bring out the perfect mobile application. The top-rated mobile platform that helps in mobilizing the business are android or iOS application. To bring them into the business scenario there are various iOS or Android app development company that will add the latest technical upfront for your required application.

The analysis shows that Android is the king in terms of the number of active mobile users.

Consequently, as per March 2018, there are around 3.4 million Android apps in the Google play store.

Going as per the report and general usability trend android platform is the call of today. Below we further detail various other reasons that justify the business transformation to the Android platform.

Popular platform: Android is surely a popular mobile platform that is used by a large proportion of customers around the world. As per the analysis, there are around 84.7% of mobile devices that run the Android platform. Seeing the trend it is thus beneficial to transform your business and collaborate with the android app development company for effective app buildup.

Android is easily accessed: It is the preferred development market by a large number of android app development company due to its easy accessibility. Android app can be easily accessed to any android programmer that has knowledge of Java and Android SDK which bring easy development of an innovative mobile application.

Custom ROMs can be installed: Android allow rooting of your phone and you can install custom ROMs easily. On contrary, the iPhone rooting is called jailbreaking and is a crime in the USA.

More hardware range: Android apps can run on a variety of mobile devices that range widely in price. There are numerous mobility devices by a variety of dealers around the globe, they bring many advanced features in the device that can be used by the developers to assist you in the digital lookout.

Pro-active testing: The integration of the Android platform is easy and the Android SDK lets you easily run your application on the device each time it is compiled. This enables the developer to test your application on multiple devices without additional cost making the overall development cost effective.

Multiple distribution channels: Unlike iOS application, the android app development company can take advantage of multiple marketing places. The android application can be marketed and downloaded from the play-store, other sales channel or straight away can be placed on your website space.

Open source: Android SDK is an open source provider which make the Android app development an easy task with low cost. It thus gives liberty and freedom to be creative and more innovative than the transformation to any other mobile platform that charges for every additional feature.

Cheaper and free apps: The android apps are cheaper or free when seen on the criteria of app downloading and in-app purchase models. The customers prefer free version and consequently making the business more pronounced with better ROI when compared to iOS applications that are comparatively costly.

Conclusion: The mobile app transformation is a necessity in the regressive world of digitization, it is a requirement that helps your business to survive the customer digital need. To help you in gaining pace there are various iOS and Android app development company which are well equipped with the technical resource to give the best. But seeing the general customer trend and already transformed business it is preferred to bring the android transformation.


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