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  • Posted by Poorva Sundriyal
  • On November 30, 2018

The customer satisfaction segment is constantly changing, now they require a latest technical solution with a balanced cost. With new and latest technology arrival such as Mobile phones, Social media, Cloud computing, Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence the customer expectation has been reported high. They demand techno-savvy and cost-effective business solution for their requirements. Thus the organizations are forced to move towards the more complex technical product and service delivery.

The various technologies that embark the better servicing of the customers are detailed below. It is thus advised to partner with the efficient web application development company and bring the best digital foot in the customer world for providing better servicing.

-Mobile Convenience: With more and more inclination of customers towards mobile technology, the businesses are forced to add the customized business solution. Kliento technologies have the team and experience to perfectly blend your business requirement in effective mobility solution. Mobile technology rise is swift and radical, it is estimated that there would be around 6.1 billion mobile devices by 2018. This substantial growth has embarked the development of mobile application for customer convenience and better marketing strategies.

Cloud Computing: Cloud is an inclusive part of our work now, it gives you power with the enablement of the virtual world. With minimal management, low cost and high service availability cloud computing is the requirement of the competitive business world. It enables the access of any software or service to the customer at easy installment or pay-as-you-go model. It has wisely impacted the organizations mainly the small enterprises- they can have the high-end technology without worrying about IT infrastructure or service or development cost.

Socially Enabled: To be connected 24*7 with the customers is the necessity for the customer-centric digital world. The social presence is the necessity for every business now, to gain customer loyalty, eradicate their issues and bring more connections. Our Kliento social media team will help in managing your social presence with the latest technologies and strategies. It is a great platform for connection building and retaining the loyalty – if you think that the social media platform is a great platform for your business then you are surely way ahead in the completion. Reach the digital marketing team and gain the inner prospect of the social engagement for your business. The top social platform that will help in better publicity and connections are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

-Data Management: Data is an important asset and it needed to be managed is a well-organized way for business intelligent decisions. The data management services help in maintaining the data consistency and protecting various data breaches. The various activities that maintain the data are data migration, data quality analysis, and data governance. The perfect blending of these services will help in maintaining your company valuable data that is no less than the asset for your organization.

Business Intelligence:  Smart work is always more profitable than hard work. Now organizations prefer intelligent decision making for their work. The analytical view of the business will prompt you in making an intelligent business decision. The various services that assist in making intelligent decision are descriptive analytics, diagnostic analysis, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. This intelligent decision help in maintaining, streamlining and optimizing current operations. Other BI capabilities are data visualizations, decision services, online analytical processing, and integrations. The popular BI solutions are QlikView, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. With the intelligent insight of their data, organizations will improve their current processes.

Conclusion: With better technology in the market and more inclination of the customer to the digital world, the enterprises are forced to add a digital transformation in their business model for positive customer experience. To bring it into action there are various technologies that will help in the transformation and entering the digital world. Thus get into the customer world with Kliento technologies and compete for the competition.


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