Chatbot for your Business : Myth, Mystery and Innovation  

  • Posted by Kliento
  • On September 21, 2018

Improve your User experience with the chatbot implementation. To easily grow your business creating a chatbot is essential. It is a latest innovation by the transformation service provider. Instant tool for conversation, it offer the best analytic solution for customer retension and loyalty buildup. According to a survey, “63% of consumers are ready to return to the website if it offer anytime assistance through a chatbot tool”. This analysis result make sense, it is a world of great competition, and to retain the customer base, it is valuable to response them for every query. This satisfaction brings customer loyalty as they get a sense of being valued. Moreover, it never go on leave, so 24*7*365 assistance for your customers.

Chatbot is an digital transformation services well build – managing customer relationship at their ease. This is an era of digital transformation, the customers are at the digital medium and want everything at their ease. Chatbot comes at the rescue and provide an excellent medium for allowing customer access to your business at everytime. Better to be at the customer service whenever they desire, either the competitors are always there to snatch your customers away. It is not a myth but an innovation well developed – bringing fast and effecting selling chain. It is a new era AI solution for web/mobile application service, enabling the easy user flow of you developed application. No need for in-depth access – chatbot will solve your query with chat assistance.

Today chatbot implementation is accomplished with Artificial Intelligence – they talk much like human.

It is not a myth, but an innovation that can be a supportive hand in the build enterprise business solutions. Building UX, chatbot development help customers in searching a service, booking a flight, purchasing a product and other query resolving which otherwise needed manual resource, it has vastly lowered the manual dependency and lowered the overall process cost.

This AI-Chatbot implementation has vastly improved the business service quality.

A intelligent chatbot can interact with the customers in a friendly and enjoyable way.for understanding their needs and recommend relevant products. As an example a travelling agency use a chatbot messenger for its website, the customers define their preference and than the chatbot mail them the relevant packages which can than be booked. It has reported a 68% rise in booking orders in the short span.

The Chatbot – Iimprove the Quality of Service.

The customers are an important part of every business, they are responsible for its growth and more revenue generation. With the help of chatbot service the whole customer experience is changed, the way you react to them, and the way you do the business. They help to revolutionize the UX of your web presence.Moreover, with chatbot user can get in depth and know even the minute service you are providing.

Chatbot Cost –

It is a myth that chatbot is a costly affair. Cost increase with every feature, thus decide accordingly and build the best chatbot service justifying your company requirement. There are certain points that help in deciding the right logic for your chatbot service implementation.

  1. Decide the target audience (Like the language and messenger app they use most)
  2. Chatbot features (What you want your chatbot to do)
  3. Business need your chatbot will accomplish
  4. Costing of the chatbot
  5. Marketing criteria for your chatbot

Once you have analyzed the chatbot possibility and logic to be used, than here comes the big question of how to and where to develop your chatbot.

Chatbot can be brought into your Business by using:

  1. A ready to use chatbot enterprise solution
  2. Build a self service chatbot within a set framework
  3. Complete chatbot build from scratch

Thus for obvious reason, a chatbot build from scratch is sure to cost high and time taken but has several pros than other options.

Some of the pros for developing a chatbot from scratch are as recited below:

  1. Hiring a software development team for building the chatbot is sure to bring a highly suitable and complex chatbot as per your business requirement.
  2. They sure will provide after launch maintenance and support thus always making your bot an advanced one.
  3. Sure to cost more and time consuming, but in long time will prove to be fruitful.

Conclusion: Thus get ready and implement a chatbot service at your business that is sure to bring business growth and great customer experience. Analyze the consequences and hire a chatbot development company for getting your required enterprise business solution.

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