iOS 12 – Things to include in your iOS Development Process

  • Posted by Poorva Sundriyal
  • On September 26, 2018

iOS 12 is the latest launched operating system from Apple that is making iPhone and iPad experience faster, delightful and more responsive. Being the latest launch it provides improved performance, battery life and various other security features. Suitable for every iPhone it has the features that have revolutionized the consumer experience to a great extent.

Thus iOS 12 should be well managed and dealt with in the upcoming iphone app development. To fully utilize the OS features you need to be brained out and bring the various integration on the development. Below we discuss the updated features of the iOS 12 that need to analyzed and worked on by the iPhone application development company during the app development process.

  1. Group FaceTime: With iOS 12 you can make interactive facetime calls with up to 31 more people. This allows for message integration, animoji and filters in the chat. To enable this we need iOS developer who is experts in the development methodology. This is an exciting and fun feature which will definitely bring more client base for your iPhone app.
  2. Memoji: We have heard of Animoji till now but with the introduction of iOS 12 now you can have a feature of memoji in your build application. It is the custom Animoji feature which has excited the top mobile application developer to bring it into the app.
  3. Digital Wellbeing: The latest AI enabled “Do Not Disturb While Driving” is the upgradation in the iOS 12 version. It will automatically start when it thought that you are driving. The company is also focusing on providing Do not disturb during bedtime and the function to set ending for DND by time or location. So bring this latest digital transformation service at your app and improve work-life balance with the reduction in information loading.
  4. Group notification: There is a large number of notification in every person’s mobile, which is somehow irritated. Thus with the iOS 12 introduction group your notification by the app, topic or thread. The top mobile app developer will develop your app according to this iOS 12 feature and give a great customer experience to your build business application.
  5. Screen Time: A new feature in iOS 12 will surely make you upgrade. It is a significant OS functionality that will help you to analyze the use of a particular app by you or your child and help in controlling the use. Ensure the parents of bringing the child control on your iOS app development.
  6. Augment Reality: AR was always used in applications, but with the introduction of the latest iOS 12 update, called USDZ the iOS app development has been revolutionized. With this integration, the top mobile app developers will be able to build an application that features AR content. Moreover, the AR games will allow multiple players or observer on separate iPads to observe the gameplay.
  7. Performance: With the upgradation of iOS 12 your device will run faster and more responsively. It is a matter of fact that the app loading in iOS 12 will be 40% more than iOS 6 and that gives you enough reason for bringing the iOS 12 suitable application for your business.
  8. Improved Siri: Spread your business irrespective of the language barrier with iOS 12. With this upgrade OS Siri is better functioned and has gained more knowledge of various more areas including vehicle, culture and also support more ascents.
  9. Photos: The iPhone app development company are at ease with the photo filter app functionality of iOS 12. There are various apps build that need your phone storage photos, but there are a lot of pictures. So, build your mobile app development service by utilizing the complete photo app functionality of iOS 12 that can easily filter the picture by intelligence inbuild.

Conclusion: Seeing all the upgrade features it can be easily analyzed that it’s best to bring the iOS 12 compatible app buildup for your business. The iOS app development will be accomplished by utilizing

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